Many years ago i fell into despair



Many years ago i fell into despair and I cried out to God to take this mission relating to saving our Customary Land from me and give it to someone more talented and fluent in Samoan.

He sent me a Dream

I was in a House that was like the Tardis – Dr Who’s Time Machine and which was filled with rooms.

He opened a door of one room and inside were so many wonderful machines doing things I could not understand that I was blown away and He said, ” This House is You!”

These machines could do anything, they could even produce miracles but as my heart is to feed, clothe and care for the entire Aiga of Samoa and set them on a future course of happiness and prosperity my needs to achieve those goals are few. I do not need to fly or walk on water. I am a servant not one who goes to collect a prize. When I die it does not matter if my name is never remembered, I get my reward serving our Lord and people and among our ancestors and unborn i sit with their arms around my shoulders in comfort knowing I lived my life for all of us.

Even if it was just a dream it lifted my spirits and 9 years later I am fresh in spirit and rise daily to help our people.


FSM Taua 27 October 2017 01.27p.m.

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